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Monday, May 6, 2013

'Nam AAR: Get to the LZ!

Sean and I decided to try out another 'nam game to get some of our new terrain on the board. We didn't use an existing mission, but rather just whipped up our own scenario on the spot. Since the last game we played had the US defending an LZ, this time we wanted them up and out of their foxholes and hoofing it to an LZ. We were fast and loose to keep the game exciting as we went along, since our primary goal was simply to get familiar with the unique 'nam rules and forces.

The Buffalo grass was waist high, essentially giving concealment to all infantry and man-packed guns in the open. The US started with their infantry platoon and independent teams with the choppers in reserve. The PAVN started with nothing on the board, and everything in Guerilla reserve.

Neither force will be subjected to company morale checks.

US Airmobile Infantry
  • HQ + Medic + Medevac Chopper
  • Airmobile Rifle Platoon at Full Strength
  • 1x Huey Hog
  • 1x Huey Frog
PAVN Infantry Battalion
  • Infantry Company with 1 platoon and LMG
  • Infantry Company with 1 platoon and LMG
  • Heavy Mortars (off board)
  • HMG Nest

The setup.  The US infantry have to get to the LZ objective for extraction.
Better run through the jungle

The ground the US must cross

The first PAVN company arrives from Guerilla reserve on the US left flank.

One American stand falls to the LMG

But the return fire is brutal, leaving the PAVN gutted.

Oh no!  A 2nd PAVN company arrives.

The US have to keep moving!

The US forces cross the stream

The US M60s lay down covering fire

The mortars become active off board (We decided they had to roll until they become available) but the observer cannot accurately range in.

The US continue advancing under cover from the M60s.  "Get sum!"

The Frog arrives from reserve!

And fires off a rocket salvo, clearing out some PAVN.

Sean is now down 2 PAVN companies.  The US continue advancing.

Just as the US emerge from the woods with the LZ in site, a bunker opens up and more soldiers are visible just beyond.

A 4th PAVN company arrives, the US are still surrounded!

The US are slowly taking casualties, with several wounded teams.

First time I've ever used the dinner plate template.

To... little effect.

The 2 M60s stay behind to pour fire into the approaching PAVN from the rear.

"You want some of this?  You too!"

The Hog arrives from reserve to give more supporting fire.

PAVN move in for close combat!

The US force is split, and cannot hold out much longer!


The PAVN assault.  The US hold out, but the medic is killed.  Another PAVN company down- that makes 3!

The Hog repositions- the LZ is so close!

Keep moving!!

The Frog fires the grenade launcher at the nest, knocking it out.

Heartbreaking!   The 5th PAVN company arrives right on top of the LZ.

The developing situation.

Heavy mortars slam into the US infantry

Just as an RPG shot downs the Frog!

The Medevac sets down in the only clear area the US have seen!

"get these wounded out of here!"

The Hog fires all ze rockets!

The way is clearing!  Can the US make it??

A 4th destroyed PAVN company!

The LZ!

The PAVN rush the medevac!

As mortars slam into the platoon.  The US is hanging on by a thread.

The final PAVN company arrives behind the US

The PAVN assault!!

And gut the US forces

The Medevac dusts off when it becomes too hot...

And the last of the US forces are captured or killed.

Closing Thoughts
What can you say?  It was a tough task for the US and they came close!  They took a lot of PAVN infantry with them.  We weren't sure how to treat the rice paddy- giving bullet proof seemed too generous, and ultimately we decided we will make them bullet proof as long as the unit inside didn't move.  In that way, you can assume they've taken cover, and aren't caught while moving over the bunds.

We again had a fantastic game!  We are both really enjoying Vietnam.

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