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Friday, May 17, 2013

M48A3 Pattons (VUSAB05)

To be honest, I originally didn't have much interest in doing any armor in Vietnam.  But, everytime I took a look at the M48A3 Patton box set, some small nagging part of my brain said "You know you want to paint that!".  And, I finally gave in.

The set has been out for quite a while now, so there's likely nothing revelatory in this post.  The casts were in good shape with no missing parts.  The decal sheet is awesome- lots of options left over to use for other 'nam projects.
The Pattons had a good showing in Vietnam in an infantry support role.  Somewhere in the ballpark of 600 made it in country divided into a few Armor Battalions, and in a few of the Divisional Cavalry units until replaced by the Sheridan.
With armor impervious to most anything the PAVN can throw at them, these tanks can operate as they please where they please.  Historically, when the Pattons were left with the South Vietnamese, they even performed admirably against their main opponent- the T-54.
Like any tank in Flames of War, the Patton is susceptible to being swarmed by masses of infantry wielding Anti-tank weaponry (in this case RPGs) in an assault.  But with good mobility, and a wide array of weaponry, the Patton is a hard hitting and reliable support choice for the US in Vietnam.
Stats courtesy of Easy Army:

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