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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How To: Cheap Lizardmen Chameleon Skinks

Its hard to afford the great expense of some mini game companies these days, and I really don’t like the GW chameleon skink models. They look too different from the regular skinks - I know they are meant too, but I prefer the look of the regular skinks, and since they are just a sub species I thought it perfectly ok to do it this way. Plus it was cheaper, as I had spare skinks lurking around.

Things you will need.....

Your hobby stuffs!
Some regular blowpipe skinks.

Paints I used... yellow, a Vallejo brass, Bleached Bone, black, Graveyard Earth, Dark Angels Green and Gnarloc green foundation. Also Devlan Mud.

The idea here is to match it into your basing to get that camo look. I use Graveyard Earth for basing so that is a camo colour choice. I also use scorched grass, so the the green tones match in, so adapt it to your colours of basing but the principles are still the same.

Firstly build your skinks with blowpipes, and prime. Then give them a nice coat in Gnarloc Green foundation as their base.

Then when dry, I did the fins Dark Angel Green, and the back scales covered in Graveyard Earth. I know it doesn’t look great now, but have faith it turns out ok! Well to tabletop standard anyway.

Once dry, do the detail work, the weapons, darts, gold bling that the skinks wear. And of course the eyes.
Once you’re done slap a liberal coat of Devlan Mud of it - nice and thick and grotty.

Once that is dry.... the next step is to do the camo. I used the Graveyard Earth and worked stripes across the skin... try and keep them going in the same direction all horizontal or vertical, looks less tidy if mixed.
Once it’s dry, a nice heavy wash of Devlan Mud to soak into all the bits and pieces... then you should have something a little like this...

A vast improvement on our first picture I must say!
Repeat for your unit size, base them up, and boom job done.

They look surprisingly effective on the table, and do actually camo up nicely! So nice, in fact, one game I left them on the next table before setup, did not notice them and played without them. DOH!

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