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Friday, May 10, 2013

Guards Armor in Market Garden

The Market Garden books have been out for a while now and I am still struggling to put together a new version my old Guards Armored list.  The increase in points cost that came along with AT 15 for the 17 pdr guns has really thrown me for a loop.  With that in mind, I would like to take a look at a couple of possibilities.  Please note that this article is NOT about "Here is the super new perfect tournament list!" - this is about exploring some possibilities and starting a little discussion.

Canadians?  Nahhhh!

First, some parameters -- I like running the Guards lists, especially the Irish Guards.  I also really want to replicate my old Guards list that was a ton of fun.  I also do not want to jump on the New Hotness that is the Canadian Lists - I'm just not that guy.  So - let's take a look at the old list:

I really, really like this list.  It has a lot of good AT for tanks, and one of the best compliments of .50cals in British lists at the time.  I found that potentially three Recce units also allowed me to get on top of people really quickly, or to redeploy three units with Recce moves.  Against infantry, removing the Gone to Ground was really good.

The Gun Line.  Suck It, TMP!

If we just re-make this list with the new book, we find that we are 100 points over.  Now, spending 100 points and moving 6 assets up to AT 15?  GREAT deal.  Unfortunately, that means we have to lose something to get back down to spec at 1750.

With the re-pointing, it looks like we got Shermans for about 10 points cheaper, and Fireflys went up by 25 points each.  Our M10C Achilles only went up about 8 points each, which is easily worth it.

Solution #1: The Easy Way
The easiest and quickest thing to do is just trade out one Firefly for a Sherman in each of the Armoured Platoons.  This puts the list right at 1750, with the list playing pretty much the same way - just one less high AT asset.  Does the increased AT make up for the lost Firefly?  Enemy gun-tanking could be a real problem with the list configured this way, effectively taking down the AT effectiveness of two platoons with just two moderately lucky shots.

Solution #2: Radical Redesign
I like to play this list FAST.  That means that I am on the move most of the time, and cannot take advantage of Semi-Indirect Fire.  One of the most interesting options is to put JOE Vandeleur in the list and take advantage of his 5+ "Press On Regardless!" ability to move 4" like Stormtrooper and the "Guns Left!" which swaps out Semi-Indirect Fire for a re-roll to-hit under 16" on the move.

While this list is interesting, dropping the cost-effective M10Cs is a big hit.  I have dropped some AT 15 assets and some .50cals, but I gain re-rolls.  I have tried to maximize the application of the JOE special rules and I think that the three Armoured Platoons would be plenty scary, as they get a semi-stormtrooper, re-roll misses on the move, and are better than Fearless for break checks (Veterans with Platoon and Company Morale re-rolls as Guards).
In this list, we also go down to just two Recce platoons that are Universal Carriers.  In some ways, this forces us to use these little guys as just that -- Recce.  I sometimes go distracted with the Stuarts and Daimlers and used them as just another combat Platoon.

Non-Solution #3: Lots o' .50cal List
I just put this together because it was fun.  This does not fit my parameters, but I was interesting to see a similar list with a lot of .50cals.

So... that's about it.  I think I will try the Easy Way solution at first - if that is still fun, I'll play it!  I will work in JOE as well, already having had a little fun with that one.

Got something you like?  Sound off on the Forums....

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