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Thursday, May 30, 2013

For Immediate Release: Overlord Delayed!

Orders came through. The weather is bad, its a no go!
Due to a customs issue the release of the D-Day Compilation books being released by Battlefront has been delayed until the 29th of June. As a result Battlefront has asked us to move the start date of the campaign back until the 29th.
I apologize if this affects your ability to participate in the campaign.
While you all sit around waiting to mount up, why not discuss the upcoming campaign, or anything else really on our forum.

We know many of you had planned games around the kickoff of the campaign.  Because of this, we will allow submissions of games that take place after June16th to count!  So get your games in, get your batreps written, and be ready to submit on launch of the campaign!

We are really sorry for this delay, but we couldn't in good conscience launch the campaign before the release of the new books from Battlefront, as that would make for an awkward transition mid-campaign.

Thanks, if you have any questions please sound off on our forum:

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