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Monday, May 20, 2013

Armies of Germany List Utility - Fully Updated

 Your wait is over, BARbarians. After countless hours of hard work, Duncan's finished updating the German List Utility to include all the units from the Armies of Germany book!

On top of all that, he's finished some nice additions to make using the list even easier. Head on over to the downloads page and check it out!

You no longer need to fudge points, it's all included in the latest version. The errors everyone reported from earlier versions have, of course, been corrected. Thanks again for the help bug hunting!

As you can see, the infantry drops have been fully updated and now include all the options available to them in the Armies of Germany book. If you're late to the party, and have never used our listers before, it's all done through drop down menus. Points are tallied at the bottom of the doc, right below the tank selectors.

 Hopefully every illegal combination has been programmed out of the file. As shown above, the Kradschutzen squad on the left has selected the motorbikes upgrade, while the same upgrade is unavailable to the Heer Infantry squad on the right.

If you accidentally select an inappropriate option, a red warning message will appear below the unit where the mistake took place. As you can see above, the empty squad to the left has one LMG selected for it, and the program is warning me that I've selected "Too many LMG's" above, or "Too many SMG's" below.

Probably most noticeable is the addition of every new armored car...

...and every new tank. Look at how small that slider tab is for the tank selector! There's a ton of tanks in this thing!

The tabs along the bottom let you switch between views, much like before. You make your list in the first tab, and can examine your lists from a more printer-friendly view with subsequent tabs.

Two new features have been included for you old timers. A running tally of your points is kept at the bottom of the spreadsheet. You can slide this bar up or down as needed, to address screen resolution differences, or to use as an impromptu straight edge when your eyes get watery pouring over every detail of your force. Also, as you may have noticed, a summary point block has been added to the top of the sheet. Very handy additions, so you don't need to continuously scroll up or down to see your points totals!

Everything is included in this latest update, as far as the units from the Armies of Germany book goes. If you're trying to make a list using one of the specific theater selectors in the Armies of Germany book, you'll still need to consult it to check what units are available to each selector. (C'mon, we can't do everything for you!)

So go check it out, folks. It's truly everything you need to make any list using the units currently available to the Germans in Bolt Action. We've got a few more cosmetic updates planned, and of course listers for the other nations, so make sure you keep checking back. For now, get out there and get listing. If you find any errors, let Duncan know at

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