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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Another M113 review and my ARVN ACAVs

Steve beat me to it on this one but here is my take on the M113 from an ARVN point of view.

Kits are great and I cant fault the ease of construction and the accuracy of them. Loved putting them together but contrary to the advice on the BF site I found it much easier to fit the top deck before the front plate. Everything else went together with no problems at all.
One box made up

The only downside is if you construct an ACAV variant you do not get any rear M60 gunners unless you buy the add on pack but more of that later.
first one finished
Now from the ARVN point of view.
Unfortunately the box set does not contain everything you need. You can make the 106mm RR variant but you are a bit stuck when it comes to the command M113. In the core troop you do have some lee way in that the M74C turret is an option and not compulsory but not so in the company HQ. I did buy the turret pack direct from BF in the end but it ended up a bit expensive for just the 2 turrets I needed to have at nearly £9 inc postage. This pack included two T50 turrets and 4 commanders and 4 drivers heads that I had no use for. I really would have preferred to have the turrets in smaller packs of just the 2 turrets I needed.
Completed troop

As it was I used the T50 turrets on the company command tracks on the grounds that I really hate wasting items and that some ARVN track somewhere must have had them but I did throw most of the crew (keeping one commander) in the bin.
Metal and resin 81mm track on the right from the original release

Completed squadron. Two troops of five ACAV, CinC and 2IC, 81mm platoon. Downside, I painted the insides the wrong colour ... out of politeness I am sure you never noticed!

The next disappointment was the blister of the track crew. I did not purchase this pack. I just couldn't bring myself to spend the money. The pack contains 22 figures that includes 4 rear gunners (I wanted these), mortar crew (included in M113 boxset anyway), some new variations of the track commander and some passengers. I only wanted/needed 4 from the pack and I needed around 6 packs at that.

That's enough negativity. BEST BOX SET EVER.

Summing up:
Well worth the money
Great to make
paint up well
I wish that BF sold the extras in smaller special order packs

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