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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Announcing our next Campaign: Overlord!

It's with great excitement that I introduce our next Massively Multiplayer Table Top Campaign!  Operation Overlord will start on June 16th and run for 6 weeks.  As with our Operation Sea Lion campaign it is available to people all over the world!  It's quite simple to participate, just head over to and sign up!  More info will be available here soon and on our forum, but we've been working closely with Battlefront to ensure this campaign has awesome support!  Now's your chance to refight one of the most iconic campaigns of WWII on the tabletop!

Yes, the video says "May 16th", but you can sign up now.  We didn't want to make people wait 2 days after the announcement.  So do it!
Go Sign Up! 

*Please note: Your address information will be kept confidential, and not shared with anyone other than WWPD and Battlefront Miniatures so that you may receive potential promotional material surrounding the campaign.  All address data will be deleted at the conclusion of the campaign.  You do not have to share your address information (you can just put "N/A" in the fields), but not doing so makes you ineligible for any promotional material.  More information on promotional material will be made available shortly.

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