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Friday, May 3, 2013

Alternative Spray Colors: Krylon Woodland Light Green

Since we have been without spray paint from Battlefront for over a year, I have started to search for some alternative colors for use with my Flames of War armies.  With my considerable stockpiles running low, I spied out Krylon Woodland Light Green as a possible solution for my Late War British armor.  Let's take a look!

I proceeded to spray the tracks black and drybrush on Russian Uniform, which is my standard color for LW British Tanks.   I sprayed down the Krylon on the hulls and turrets....

Previously painted M10 for comparison.
...and about had a heart attack.  Gah!  Those things are BRIGHT.  I mean, they looked like some sort of neon Goblin color or something.  I was pretty skeptical, and only got a small bit of hope when I looked at the model closely with the tracks glued on -- it wasn't THAT far off, I told myself.  Oh well, there is a reason I picked these pretty random models I had around, so I decided to see it through - perhaps a heavy wash would do it.
Very bright, indeed!

The offending can - Curse You!, I thought.

Is this really a camouflage color?  How the hell can this be?
As I proceeded to paint the tanks, I really did not feel any better.  It was only when I got down to applying the CGR Magik Mudd Wash that I thought these might make it.  See the results below....

The color looks pretty close in this picture -- a little closer than in person, I would say.

In this picture, you can see that the tanks are a bit brighter, even after a very heavy wash with no Gloss Varnish.

To my complete surprise, these actually turned out acceptably well!  They are a little brighter in person than in the pictures, but certainly do not look out of place on the table.  I would make sure that you do a whole platoon at a time, as you can see the difference between this color and the Battlefront color when put next to each other.

Have you found some alternatives?  Let us know in the Forums....

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