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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

US Aircav defends a hot LZ!

With my first Flames of War PAVN company completed, I just couldn't wait to play a game of 'nam!  Having a scant 350ish points per side, we assumed the game wouldn't be all that exciting, but figured we could at least learn the mechanics.  We were in for a treat!

Clearing the LZ
We threw a half-sized board together, and decided the US would need to land and secure the LZ for 6 turns.  The PAVN company was split into two one platoon companies, with no battalion command.  The US had a rifle platoon with the company command and medic.  In reserve they had one Huey Hog.  We also allowed one Slick to return acting as a medevac.  We also gave the PAVN one MG nest.

Slicks inbound.

Slicks set down on the LZ

The Vietnamese prepare to attack the LZ!

The 1st PAVN company charges out of the woods!  Small arms and rockets pepper the slicks, but cause no appreciable harm.
The first wave of US infantry dismounts and the Slicks dustoff.

The US pour fire into the advancing enemy

No joke, this is my new favorite beer.  This really added to my enjoyment of our game!
More PAVN Arrive

Charlie continues to pour fire into the US, wounding 3 teams just as the Medevac and the company commander arrive aboard 2 more Slicks.

Evacuating the Wounded.

The Medevac was escorted by a Hog, arriving from reserve.

The Medevac Dusts off.

The Hog.

Rockets scream from the Hog, ripping into the fresh PAVN company.

The gatling gun cuts them down in the open.

The 1st PAVN company is recycled

The US on the LZ begin suffering horrendous casualties!

RPG round after RPG round streaks to the Hog, but not one of them can bring it home!

Hot LZ!

The first PAVN Assault!

The US hold them off.

With the PAVN infantry at bay, the Hog devotes its attention to the next for a round of shooting.

The US have held for now, but at a heavy cost.  The PAVN still have 2 turns to try to break them.

The final wave appears!

The RPGs fire on the chopper while the rest surge forward!

The US Infantry are threadbare as charlie launches a final assault!

The first assault completely wipes out the remainder of the rifle platoon, but both the 2iC and Company Command are left holding the objective.

When the smoke clears and the firing stops, the Americans are victorious.  If you can call it victory.

The game was *AWESOME*.  We both had a fantastic time, and couldn't stop talking about it.  The action is furious and fluid, and the rules all work great!  The US wiped out 4 PAVN units, and only lost 1.

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