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Friday, April 26, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games T-34/85

Just a few pictures today!  This is the T-35/85 by Warlord Games.  I picked this guy up at Cold Wars- it was one of the few vehicles I could find!  The Bolt Action stuff was positively ransacked.  This has been replaced with a newer plastic kit now, but this is the older resin and metal version.

I painted this guy up to support the dudes Joe painted for me.  The kit was in pretty good shape.  I did have 2 minor issues- one of the tracks was fairly warped and the front hull hatch was missing.  I stuck the track in boiling water and got it straight fairly easily.
I e-mailed WG about the hatch and did get a response, but after a few weeks the hatch never showed up so I scratch built it.  I am not much of a modeler, but I think from a distance no one will know that's built out of business card and a straw!
The model was painted with Vallejo Russian Green (it's called something else now- camo olive green I think?).  Highlight was done with Green grey.

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