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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Starting the 29th Infantry Division

I picked up a couple of the 29th Infantry Division Assault Company box sets, knowing that I had to do the 29th sometime, right?  Well, that time is now.  We will look at the first platoon I tried and see how I did.

Editor's Note: Real men work on the same army in different scales! -S

I started off with a full Boat Section with the LMG option.  Here you see 2 Bazooka Teams, a Command Team, 4 Rifle Teams, a Flamethrower Team, a 60mm Mortar Team and the optional LMG team that can stand in for a Bazooka.  The sculpts are right on for the 29th, with assault jackets, life belts and the whole nine yards.

We even got a couple of guys with bangalore torpedos.  I used all the normal colors for US Infantry, though I prefer Russian Uniform for the '41 jackets.  I used the pictures on the box as a guide and chose Desert Yellow for the bases.  There is a good mixture of poses included in the box for a nice and varied platoon.  I have the old box, but it looks like the new box will be exactly the same.

I used a couple of shades of grey to make some puddles on the bases -- it looks ok.  I went over them with gloss varnish after sealing the stands to make them look a little like water.  I also accented the bases with some spots of real sand and a few pieces of very fine ballast.  I think the bases look ok, but I might try for something better next time.  I can always upgrade the bases.

Overall, I am happy with these guys as my first attempt.  They took a while, but hey -- I should be ready for the new books....I hope!  Next time, I think I will tackle the Command stand -- and since I am doing A Co., 116th, that means Captain Taylor Fellers.

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