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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Soviet T-26s

After my last bout with Zvezda models ended in frustration, I was a bit apprehensive of painting these guys up.  Still, I forged ahead and ordered 30 of the buggers.  Fortunately, I found they were super easy to assemble!

The tanks themselves are a scant 5 pieces: upper and lower hull, left and right track, and turret.  The gun and turret are one pieces- be sure to snip them off their sprue carefully!
As with other Zvezda models, I am quite happy with the end result.  The details aren't as pronounced as Battlefront, but they do scale well.  With my blacklining technique, it's easy to still make it seem quite detailed, but for those of you relying on washes it might be worth doing a very thin base coat to ensure the details don't get lost.
Size comparison with a Battlefront Model
Battlefront on the left, Zvezda on the right

In conclusion, I am quite happy with these models!  Can't wait to get them on the table for some mid war mixed tankovy or Barbarossa!

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