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Friday, April 12, 2013

Review: Warriors of Market Garden (GE897)

We recently got in the new Warriors of Market Garden (GE897) blister in for review.  Since I am Mr. Arnhem, I got the opportunity to take a look.  The pack contains 2 small bases for Knaust and Euling, plus a 251 half track and a large base for the Sonnenstuhl staff team.

One of the first things I noticed was the new half track plastic sprue.  The front wheels, tracks and guns are now plastic.  I found the plastic well cast and very clean.  I am a little worried about the sturdiness of the gun shield if you choose NOT to also mount the guy firing the MG.  Mine turned out great and I don't think there will be any problems.

Knaust is a pretty standard set of figures.  I did paint them up like the Battlefront article and that seemed to work out well.  They came with the new brown, recessed bases, which were fine. 

The 'uge staff team scene is really cool.  I had never seen some of these fig before up close.  I really liked that the guys had smocks and I could paint these up with some autumn camo.  It was not easy, but with only a few figs, it was not too daunting.  I used Green Ochre for the base, and Black Grey, GW Goblin Green and German Camo Medium Brown for the patterns.

Euling looked pretty cool, and came with the wall sections to model him in some ruins around the battlefield. I used some of the Battlefront Pigments for some concrete/plaster dust - I think it turned out ok.

 Conclusion:  10/10  I really like this set.  You get everything you need for the German Warriors for just $21USD.  I found the sculpts pretty clean and ready to go and a blast to paint.

Miniatures provided by Battlefront Miniatures.

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