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Friday, April 12, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Soviet Plastic Infantry

Nothing will take you back to those days of building endless hordes Imperial Guard or Orcs like building 40 plastic Soviets from the Soviet Infantry Box Set from Warlord Games.  Checking out at $45, this is one of the best deals out there for filling the conscript ranks of your Soviet army.  

(the entire platoon)

The figures in this box set are multi-part plastic figures.  You get a huge variety of kit, backpacks, shovels, heads and assorted weapons.  You want dudes throwing molotov cocktails?  You got it!  You want a dude with an anti-tank rifle?  You got it!  You want a sniper?  Its in the box!  The box set gives you a plethora of options with endless opportunities to customize your force.

(first squad armed with SMGs) 

 (second squad armed with SMGs)

Since these were multi-part plastic figures, assembly was extremely time consuming.  I had to break it up into three evenings locked away in my man cave rocking the Audible.  Luckily, assembly was easy, straight forward and pieces fit together every well.  The only problem I had was ham handing it and gluing my fingers together.

  (third squad armed with Mosin Nagants)

(Officers with some extra troops)

I have a large collection of Black Tree Design figures with rifles, but a limited number of troops with SMGs.  I ended up using all the SMGs in the box set, which gave me two squads of SMGs and one with rifles.  I also built a spotter and anti-tank rifle team.  Looking back, I do have one regret.  I wish I had built Soviets without weapons to use as Shirkers, which can easily be done with the parts in this box set.

(spotter team and anti tank rifle team)

A very nice box set at a very nice price.  I give them 8 out of 10 plethora of options.

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