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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Polish Tankette

I recently acquired a Warlord Polish Tankette. This is for my upcoming Bolt Action Polish army. The model was pretty simple - one piece plus a gun, which I ended up not using and replacing with brass rod instead (there's no way that thin piece of pewter would survive the way I treat MY models!)

I literally had this thing done from opening the blister to waiting drying for dullcote in about 15-minutes, most of which was spent inserting that brass rod (that's what SHE said!!) (Yes! - Judson) I debated painting the rivets steel, but after reviewing some pictures, decided they should stay with their colors.

But Scott, why the soft-edged camo? Because it's my model, and I think it looks cool, that's why!

Scale shot with some Warlord French figures
Not sure how I'll do this ruleswise just yet. There are rules for a tankette in the Japanese codex, although this one was built with a 20mm, which I'd assume will be a light autocannon. I might just play them "counts as" Germans, and use the rules for the 222 dropping Recce and Open Topped. Here's to hoping for a EW Polish pdf soon!
Scale shot next to a Battlefront M10

Scale shot with a Battlefront M10 and a Battlefront Tankette (that's not quite fully painted)

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