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Monday, April 8, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Black Tree Designs German Infantry Squad

After painting up a sizable Russian force, I decided to start working on a equally sizable German Heer force.  During Black Tree Design's last round of 50% sale I nabbed as many German troops as I could - I painted my first ten man squad right after my package arrived in the mail.  I then promptly proceeded to use too much matte varnish on them and fogged then up.  So, my troops had to take a dip in some crud cutter.  While first squad was taking a bath I started paint on second and third squads and got them finished later that day.

Second Squad.

This LMG team had to be based together as the firer is using the assistant for a brace.
The NCO with a section of riflemen.
The remaining riflemen.
Third Squad 

 NCO with a section of riflemen

 LMG team

The remaining riflemen

Just like the other Black Tree Design figures I have bought, I am well pleased with these troops.   They did have hidden flash that I kept finding while painting and it did take about three months for the figures to be delivered. The sculpts are great and the price is out of this world.  I give these guys 8 out of 10 Stalingrad survivors.

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