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Friday, April 19, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Black Tree Design German Infantry Support Weapons

Advanced infantry training has been going well.  The men are now trained to use the MG-34, the 8cm schwere Granatwerfer 34, and 7.5 cm le.IG 18.  Enemies of the Fatherland will think twice before resisting our troops.  I picked up all three of these weapons from Black Tree Designs and they will be used to support my German infantry. 

German Infantry Support Weapons

MMG (Maschinengewehr 34)

The MG-34 coms with the gun and two crew. I added a third crewman to the base from a pack of German characters. The third crewman is digging using an entranching tool. The MG-34 was the predecessor the MG-42, also known as Hitler Buzzsaw. Capebale of a rate of fire of 800 round per minute the MG-34 saw action through out the war.

Medium Mortar (8cm schwere Granatwerfer 34)
Like the MG-34 the 8cm mortar came with two crew, so I had to snag the guy scratching his head from the character pack.  With a maximum range of 2,400 meters the 8cm GW34 was renowed for its accuracy and high rate of fire.


Light Howitzer (7.5 cm le.IG 18)
The 7.5cm le.IG 18 came with three crew.  I swapped out one of them for a character from another pack, because I liked it better.  The gun itself came in siz parts and was easy to assemble.  Two of these guns where assigned to each German Infantry Battalion and were used to support troops by knocking out well defended positions.

I am very pleased with all these support weapons, especially the infantry gun.  Some of the figures look a little weird, but its nothing too noticeable.  I give them and average of 8 out of 10 courses in advanced training.

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