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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reinforced Trucks

As part of this year's Arnhem game at Cold Wars, I wanted to get some real reinforced trucks for the table.  I had previously purchased some Game Models trucks and thought they would be a great candidate for a conversion.  I certainly stole this idea from one of our readers Mike Haught -- so all credit to him! someone else.

I didn't want to permanently convert these trucks, so I measured and cut out some thin plasticard I had laying around the house.  I think some thin cardboard would also work.  I then scrounged up some extra bits from the old bit box and proceeded to glue it all on.  I even found a crouching machine gunner, so I put him in as well.

The Game Models trucks didn't have a high enough cab to put a standing MG guy from one of the German half tracks in the back, so I found some plastic tubes and some grates and stuff.  I made the sandbags out of Green Stuff.  I basically rolled out a thin log of material and cut to size.  I think these look close enough.

I thought about magnetizing these, but it just isn't needed.  I think I can also pass these trucks off as Pioneer supply trucks, when needed.

I think I will add some standing guys in the back at some point -- but right now, I just needed to finish these up for the upcoming event at Cold Wars.  What do you think?  Sound off on the forums....

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