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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let's talk about the Stutzpunkt

One of the lists I was really excited about when Hellfire and Back came out was the Stutzpunkt list.  I really liked the look of the nests, and want to try to make the list work.  This is going to be different- rather than me telling you all how I've made the list, I am going to hope this starts a dialog on the forum!  
HQ and Combat Platoons
As with any list, this should be the bread and butter of your army!  The HQ option is 55 points, and includes one trench and 1 wire.  The compulsory Stutzpunkt platoon is beefy.  Personally, I'd prefer to go all out with it.  2 mine fields, 4 wire entanglements, and and AT Rifle.  The HQ, first Stutzpunkt, and compulsory 88 flak nest bring us to a whopping 780 points!
This is a single platoon for deployment (assuming you attach the 88- I can't see it being worth deploying separatley?), but it is absolutely bristling with firepower.  Enough direct fire AT to devastate any tanks in early war, and more than enough withering HMG fire to bring infantry to its knees.  But it's not impenetrable- if deployed within the trenches it is susceptible to artillery and smoke.  Nests also go down fairly easy to concentrated fire.
So what do we add to bring us to 1500, or 1750?  Here is where I think we can put our heads together.  One paradigm I am a fan of is one big honkin' tank platoon.  4 Panzer IIIs can be a tough nut to crack.  So too can some Panzer IVs.  I don't see the value in upgrading either of them, as their basic hulls and guns are more than adequate for early war.  This tank platoon would be difficult to run against even the neutered BAR, but against a more balanced opponent I believe they could deliver swift punishment wherever they are needed.
The light pioneers are also a good option.  They can be purchased with additional fortifications via the supply wagon.  With integral flame throwers and transports they also bring us additional mobility.  Furthermore, they (unlike the tanks) can start on the board in a reserves situation in a defensive battle.
Mortars also strike me as a good buy.  Fortifications are all about delay, and any capability to reach out and pin an approaching enemy is a worthwhile investment.  Smoke won't save our nests, but combined with a maneuver element like the Panzer IIIs, may prove to be efficient.
Here's two 1750ish lists I've put together:

This list has a captured Matilda.  What else matters?  Actually this list is fairly poor.  If you attach the 88 you only have 3 platoons.  Attention all eggs: get in this basket!  You could drop the Matilda upgrade for a unit of mortars (if you're smart- which I ain't!), or kampfgruppe a team or two out of the stutzpunkt to get to 4.

This list is a more respectable 6 platoons.  In a defensive battle the Panzer IIs are gonna be out of luck and come late to the party, but hopefully our on board units could last.  Still, 10 Panzer II Lates give us a lot of mobility, although they are fairly outclassed against most opponents in the early desert.  We can still "front load" fairly effectively with the Stutzpunkt, 88, pioneers, and mortars.  The pioneers would be a decent ambush option, against all but the tankiest lists out there.

Okay, there's my two suggestions- now get to the army lists subforum and make your own!

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