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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

J.O.E. V' and friends tame some Tigers!

Jon and I decided to throw down a quick and dirty game.  He brought some Guards Armor with J.O.E. V' from Market Garden, and I took KG Hummel from Bridge by Bridge.  Jon's list was basically 8 Shermans and 2 Fireflies, some recce, and 4 M10Cs.  My list was 6 Tiger IE, 1 King Tiger, and a unit of pioneers.  The mission was Breakthrough with me on defense.

ye olde hub2hub.

Tigers probably shouldn't have been so close!

Right off the bat, 3 tigers including the CO down!

Uh oh...

Pioneers move out.

King Tiger shows up

Brits all over the objectives

aaaaand the fastest 1-6 I've ever played!
Editor's Note:  Steve-O had pretty much the worst list and mission in the world versus mine, so I can only really take credit for pushing models around and throwing the dice.  Steven also helped me by throwing a 2 or less on each of his first 4 rolls - Armor Save, Armor Save, Platoon Morale, Platoon Morale.  His list was not able to weather a string of low, critical rolls.

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