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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Huzzah Hobbies Market Garden Tournament Photo Dump

This is a big photo dump from the recent Market Garden tournament held at Huzzah Hobbies and put on by the inimitable I-95 gamers.  I'll add descriptions where I can!  The event was top notch, but I think the pictures will speak to that- doesn't get much better than this!  Make sure to check out Scott's other photo dump on our forum for even more!
First up, some table pics:

My army list was simply 8 Panthers, a platoon of armored panzergrens, and a platoon of regular Grenadiers.  All confident trained.

Game One (Breakthrough) was against Paul's Lorried Motor company.  He had 3 platoons of infantry, scouts, HMGs, mortars, and a unit of tanks with 2 fireflies.  He also had priority typhoons!

Uh oh.

I pushed hard from the get go, moving everything up to get inside his wave off distance.  Paul chose to move his forces back to go for the airstrikes, but I really lucked out and didn't suffer much.

Once I knocked out the tanks, Paul didn't have much else that could threaten me aside from his air.  Still, he got 3 'phoons 3 turns in a row!  

All of my Panthers and the grenadiers started on the board.  Panzergrenadiers are in the flank attack.

Paul's Scouts race for the objective.

Air continually harasses me!

My company commander falls to massed rockets.

Panzergrenadiers arrive on turn 4!

Paul has lost his tanks, a platoon of infantry, and his HMGs.  

Everything focuses fire on the scouts, who melt before the fire and quit the field.
With that, the game was done for and a 6-1 for me.  Not a bad start to the day!  I really enjoyed playing Paul, and he (like Chuck Carey and my father) are from Lynchburg just a ways down the road!

Game Two (No Retreat) was against Ben and his artillery list of doom.  Ben stomped Jon in round one, and I expected no better.  Ben ran 51st highland with 2 platoons of infantry (one with kangaroos), 8 5.5s (who were veteran), 8 25 pounders, 2 patrols of scouts, 6 pounders, and mortars.  10 platoons!

I did my best to stay spread out on the approach, but his 5.5s were very efficient snipers.

Big guns never tire.

Now way am I getting through this hoard.

We still give it the ol' college try, but without recon I just can't bring it home.  Ben played very well and was a great opponent!  He whelped the entire WWPD crew and earned the title "Richmond Ripper".
Game Three (Free for All) vs Jim  Because there were more axis than allied players due to drops, most axis players had to do 1 blue on blue.  My 3rd game was against Jim's KG Knaust.  He had 2 platoons of infantry, HMGs, 2 tank platoons each with 1 Panzer IV H and 2 Panzer IIIs, 2 Hummel Tigers, some recon cars, 2 pak 40s, and an SS 105 battery.  His list (except the SS) was all confident trained.
Panthers form a picket line.

The Panthers move very deliberately, taking every sniper shot they can to whittle away at Jim's anti-tank capabilities.

A Panther lines up to fire on Jim's SS artillery.

The inevitable big cat show down sees one dead panther and 2 dead tigers.

Shortly thereafter, the rest of Jim's AT assets are reduced and we come out swinging!  My Panzergrenadiers get chewed alive by the one remaining pak 40 and withdraw.  But the Panthers kill enough to put Jim's company below half.
With that, I went 6-1. 1-6, 6-1 and had a great time with all 3 of my opponents!  Ben went on to score in the top 3 (if I remember correctly), with Bob Everson's Canadian infantry taking top honors.

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