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Thursday, April 25, 2013

German Schutzen vs British Rifles in Pincer

Sean and I decided it'd been a while since we visited the desert in Flames of War, and decided to change that!  We whipped together two army lists and rolled to see who ran what.  We also rolled for scenario- let the dice decide baby!

Steven's German Schutzen- Defending.
*HQ + Panzerknackers + 2 HMGs
*3x Schutzen Platoons.  All with the 81mm Mortars, 1 with a Pak 38.
*8.8 Battery w/ extra crew
*2x 8-rads
*Panzer Platoon w/ 2 Panzer IV F1 and 2 Panzer IV F2
*Kampfgruppe with 2 MG teams to get to 8 platoons.
Sean's British Rifles
*3x Rifle Platoons
*Scout Carriers + Extra AA MGs
*3 Matildas
*3 Valentines
*Full 8 gun 25 pounder battery
*6 Pounders
*Humber IIs

The Germams kampfgruppe to 8 platoons, and combat attach both HMGs to the one Schutzen with the Pakl38 (editor's note: This is no longer possible as of the most recent errata pdf).  A second schutzen is deployed, as well as the 88s.  The Panzers are in ambush.
We are a little short on time, so Sean decides to launch every assault he can and see what happens.  After their recce move and turn 1, the Scouts are in position to assault.
The majority of Sean's force comes up the right.
Artillery rains down on the big schutzen unit, and actually kills 2 stands!

The Carriers assault, but are driven back by defensive fire with no losses.

Sean spends the next few turns getting his infantry into position, and continuing to pepper the defenders with artillery fire.
At the bottom of turn 3, Nebelwerfers arrive.
Turn 4

The Schutzen are constantly harassed by artillery and small arms, losing a few teams.
The carriers launch another bold assault
That succeeds in driving back the left flank!
Nebelwerfers dig in and fire a bombardment.

The developing battlefield

British rifles assault!
German armor springs their ambush as 8-rads arrive from reserve.  They nail the Scouts and 1 Valentine before being blanketed in smoke.
The 88s survive tons of incoming, and keep the Brits at bay.
Matildas suffer the 88s' wrath.
The Germans hold!
Sean assaults with the Humbers!  The end result is 2 bailed and a failed assault.

Scouts fall to fire from the 8-rads
Panzers snipe the Valentines
Brit rifles move up for a last chance assault
25 pounders blanket the area with smoke
But the assaults both fail.

At this point we've played very quickly and decide to call it.  The Brits are out their Valentines, Matildas and Scouts.  Their main effort has been stymied and German reserves are now all on the board.

In all, it was fun to get this on the table, even if the battle wasn't exactly a nailbiter!

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