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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Nam Game: US Blackhorse vs PAVN Infantry

My first game at WWPD4VETS was my first game of 'nam!  I was playing against Glenn on a table setup by Eric Lauterbach of I95 fame.  He also generously loaned me his PAVN.  Glenn was running the US Blackhorse Cavalry.  His list (from memory) was 1 big cav platoon w/ 3 Sheridans, and 4 M113s + HQ M113s, a unit of Zippos, 2 M48s, and a unit of armored mortar M113s.  All of his tanks were beautifully painted- but not a chopper in the sky!
Glenn setting up
My list was a PAVN Battalion with 2 companies (each of 1 platoon, 1 with an extra LMG), a unit of recoil-less rifles, 2 units of 3 AA guns ea, 3 of the decoy civilian teams, 120mm mortars (off board), and 130mm guns (off board).  The mission we decided to play was Contact! Contact! Contact!

Sheridans deploy
The mission is unique in that the winning player must start any turn after turn 6 with 6 victory points more than their opponent.  Victory points can be gained by removing objectives (which you roll for using a team who is not pinned and didn't move or shoot), or killing enemy units.

US mechanized forces on the move.  2 PAVN infantry units appear from Guerrilla Reserve and ambush.

PAVN troops move out, firing their rockets as they advance
M48s and Zippos advance!

One good round of rockets and artillery sees the US forces decimated!

RPGs take their toll.

Sheridans advance through the bush.

2 Zippos and the M48 move forward.

The M48 launches an assault!  The assault goes back and forth for many many turns.  The M48 wipes out 6 or 7 stands of PAVN before pulling back outside of the wood.

In the center the Vietnamese advance on the gutted M113s, wiping them all out.  With that, the Blackhorse Cav fail their morale check and quit the field (note- we did this INCORRECTLY.  When a Free World unit fails morale, another team is destroyed, meaning Glen should have been left with 2 Sheridans).

With the Zippos and ACAV wiped out, we decide to call the game.  The US pull back and call for air support

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