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Friday, April 26, 2013

First completed PAVN Company!

As you know, I've been bitten by the Flames of War 'nam bug!  But, so far, I'm really the only one in my neck of the woods, so I decided I needed to do both sides.  Not a problem!  However, a fairly large volume of PAVN troops are needed (they're actually not as huge of a horde as I initially thought though), and so I decided to try a new speed painting technique.

I essentially spray painted them with krylon camouflage khaki.  Then I randomly painted some jackets and trousers with russian uniform.  I did their webbing in stone grey, wood stocks in flat earth, gunmetal, and flesh (50/50 flat flesh and english uniform).
Once the basic colors were on, I liberally applied CGR Painters' wonderful Magic Mudd to the figures, and a red dollop on the helmet insignia and called it a day.  Took very little time, and from a distance (after applying a standard basing technique) I think they look quite good!

I burned through one full 2 platoon company (17 stands worth) in a few nights, a pace I'm quite happy with at their current quality.
They certainly don't look as good as their US opponents, but I can live with them.  The models were fine- no real complaints.  I actually remember not much liking the sculpts back when they were released, but they didn't really bother me much.  They definitely aren't the best Battlefront models I've painted, and maybe it's just because I speed painted them that my investment in them was below my "give a crap" threshold... but I think they're totally acceptable and look forward to painting more!

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