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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

DZC - The Urban Hunt - 1250pts

Joe and I got a chance to play a 1250ish point game. We decided to not overload the board with buildings like we usually do and went for the suggested 7-13 for a clash. It definately changed the gameplay a bit, and I spent a lot less time shooting buildings.

This was also our first attempt at an attacker/defender scenario, with the UCM defending agains the Scourge in The Hunt (Urban Varient).

Sabres deploy behind some cars

The Desolator and some grav tanks race on the board

Some more reapers advance up the other flank

Slayers take refuge in the part

While the Slayer's smaller cousins hide behind

Slayers emerge and take out the Sabres

Seraphim makes a bombing run and knocks out a Slayer...

Only to crash behind it.

The Archangels smash the boot's dropship, severly limiting their mobility

The Kodiak takes some fire

The Corsairs try to inflict pain on the Gladii, but there's too much AA covering fire

An underground monorial connects two buildings.,..

And another....

And another...for four connected buildings!

Archangels attempt to snipe to Tormentors still in their dropship, but are shot down by Reapers

The surviving Slayer continues to pray on the UCM light armor

Satisfied with their Kodiak kill, the Scourge grav tanks continue the prowl

The building at the center of the gigantic monorail, which happens to hold a "real" objective, becomes a showdown location.

The mass pile of UCM boots overwhelm the Scourge, only to get roasted by Tormentors afterwards

The Desolator doing what it does best...mass AoE!

Out of nowhere, a random Hunter MGT breaks command from his unit and suicide bombs the two Gladii...putting a wound on each but not destroying either.

Scourge boots move up to take the discovered objective on the last turn, ending the game on a 2-1 UCM victory. (The other objective was undiscovered)

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