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Friday, April 19, 2013

Cobra n stuff (Tour of Duty)

"Tour of Duty" was released on the same weekend that the WMMS was held in Wolverhampton, UK, which also happily coincided with my birthday giving me some spare cash. I had bought a PAVN force when BF did a special a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, my regular opponents have still not finished their free world forces so I decided to do a free world force of my own.

There were a couple of set criteria as to which company I chose.
a) Must have at least one Cobra
b) Must have ACAVs
c) Must have M125s (I had bought a discontinued box set at at very reduced price)
d) Must be FUN to play

Five minute scan through and I opted for an ARVN ACAV squadron. Hordes of RT ACAVs backed up by cheap artillery units and US air-power. Off I trot and pick up my Cobra (BF), two platoons of ARVN and some civilians (Peter Pig) to add to my PAVN force. The ACAVs will have to wait until BF release their new plastic kits.
The box and contents
The first thing I started with was the Cobra from BF. The box contains the body of the chopper made up of two resin castings, a bunch of metal bits that allow for the different load outs, a plastic sprue for the rotors, a clear plastic sprue that makes up into the flight stand, 4 magnets and a decal sheet.

Looking closer at the resin components I was a dismayed  to see that the tail section was a little "rough" especially the tail itself which was warped. The roughness I sorted out in 5 minutes with a fine tooth file and the warped tail I straightened up by pouring boiling water of it and straightening it between my fingers. No biggy as it turned out but if I had been unaware of the boiling water trick .......
The bent tail before boiling water

The model went together well with no problems. Just make sure you read the BF web article to guide you through the construction especially for the rotors as the sprue contains parts for the slick/hog as well as the cobra. I opted to make a Gatling Cobra.
Before the paint job

I must say that the use of the magnets is a marvellous idea allowing the rotors and the flight stand to be removed for transportation. A beer to the person who thought of that.

All in all, a nice model that paints up well and if I decide I need more Cobras then I will definitely buy more from BF.

Next up for review will be the Peter Pig civilians followed up by BF M113s (as soon as I get my hands on some)

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