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Monday, April 29, 2013

Bolt Action - AAR: WWPD For Vets Bolt Action Game

The Frozen Waste WWPD Northern Research Station had a big Bolt Actions game for WWPD for Vets.  The Soviets fielded 24 units and the Germans fielded 18.  We had seven tanks on the board as the Germans and Soviets struggled for controlled of a sleepy village in the Ukraine.

Soviet infantry advance supporting their armor

 A KV-1 faces off against a might Panther

 A Zis-2 takes aim at the German StuG

 An MMG takes up position in the village

 Soviet infantry take cover behind a T-34

Soviet infantry swarm up the left flank

The KV immobilizes that Panther

 German troops move into the village

 Soviets begin their advance up the right side of the village

 The KV takes out the Panther

 German artillery falls of the soviets

 Soviets mortars hit near their target
 The T-34 sneaks up on the Panzer IV

 Soviets advancing across the open pin down the Germans in the woods

 Its hard to shoot back when your pinned

 The advancing Soviets move with confidence

 After dispatching the Panther the KV moves on to the StuG

 The riflemen inch their way closer

 Infantry come over the hill and exchange fire with the SS in the field

 A Soviet squad falls back after failing a moral test

 Tanks exchange point blank fire

 Anti tank rifle takes a shot at a German squad

 Soviet SMG's clear out the SS

 The StuG faces down bad odds

 A view from the German front

 The SS shoot back at the Soviets

 A German MG-42 riddles a Soviet Squad with bullets

 A fresh Soviet SMG squad attacks

 The Soviet artillery misses wildly, impacting on its own troops

 The StuG knocks out the KV

 Mortar fire impacts against the Germans in the woods

 The Panzer IV shreds a T-34

 SU-85 rounds bounce of the StuG

 After being hit by their own artillery the Soviet assault on the left stalls

 The last of the SS int eh field are gunned down by Soviets

 The assault on the right continues

 The Germans fire on the Soviet SMGs

 Accurate mortar fire takes out the remaining members of a Soviet squad

 Soviet and German MMGs shoot each other up

Mortar fire takes care of the rest of the Germans in the woods

The Soviets were doing really well and had the game momentum, until they rolled a one on their artillery die.  The Germans moved the impact point to the middle of the Soviets main assault and ended up kill five figures and dishing out two or three pins on four other units.  Then the Soviets rolled box cars and had another squad run off.  Additionally, the Soviets had a T-34 that never made it on from reserve. The Soviet attack never recovered.

The Germans were beat up, but still had a fresh SS squad and Heer squad left at the end of the game, along with most their support weapons.  The Soviet squads were all at or below half strength, half their tanks were burning, and a third of their support weapons where dead.

This was a hard fought won for the Germans.

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