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Friday, April 5, 2013

Bolt Action - AAR: Soviets vs. Germans, Seward's Day

March 25th was Seward's Day here in Alaska.  As a result many of us had the day off.  Joe and I met up for our second game of Bolt Action.  We rolled up Hold Until Relieved and got to fighting.

Soviet Force
1st Lieutenant  + Staff (R)
Medic + Staff (V)
82mm Mortar + Spotter (R)
Artillery Spotter + Staff (R)
Zis-2 (R)
T-34/76 (R)
Squad NCO+10 (3xSMG, LMG) (R)
Squad NCO+10 (3xSMG, LMG) (R)
Squad NCO+10 (AT Grenades, LMG) (I)
Squad NCO+9 (10xSMG) (R)

German Force
2nd Lieutenant + 2 Staff (V)
Medic +Staff (V)
Panzerchreck Team (V)
81mm Mortar + Spotter (V)
StuG (V)
Squad (4xSMG, LMG, Panzerfaust)
Squad (4xAR, LMG, Panzerfaust)

A quiet farmstead ravaged by war.

Soviet forces take up position for their attack

MMG opens up on the Germans

Mortar shells fall short of their target

Soviet infantry prepare their attack from behind a hill


Soviet artillery crashes into the Germans while Soviet troops charge forward

An assault on the MMG takes it out

Another squad of Soviets takes up position in the woods

The second wave of Soviet troops starts their attack

The Soviet Mortar pumps rounds down range

The T-34/76 moves forward toward the German infantry

The Germans in the woods are cut down

Suddenly a StuG arrives on the flank

More Soviets join the attack

A single German soldier fights on against all odds

A Panzerchrek takes up position in the woods

A German squad rushes to relieve their brothers

The T-34 and StuG take aim at each other

A incident of friendly fire as German infantry fire on their Panzerchrek Team

A single mortar shell takes out the last German in the woods

The Soviet take surges forward

A wild panzerchrek shot misses the T-34

Soviet infantry assault the panzerhrek team

The StuG takes out the T-34

But the StuG is helpless against the mass of Soviet attackers

Caught in the open the German infantry is hit with mortar fire

On the last turn Soviet infantry move to finish them off

Another great game of Bolt Action.  We had a great time, but agreed that Joe needs to paint more figures. An all veteran force is too small and has a heck of a time taking on a large force made up of regulars and inexperienced troops.

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