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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

US Aircav defends a hot LZ!

With my first Flames of War PAVN company completed, I just couldn't wait to play a game of 'nam!  Having a scant 350ish points per side, we assumed the game wouldn't be all that exciting, but figured we could at least learn the mechanics.  We were in for a treat!
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Monday, April 29, 2013

News From the Front Episode 57!

News From the Front Episode 57 is now live!  Click here to download!
After a lengthy After Action Report (featuring 'nam, painting, Saga, and more!), the guys talk about the new FoW Errata, Soviet Anti-Tank Rifle Teams, Recce moves, and terrain.  The episode is rounded out with a discussion on mortars.  Boom!

Episode 57 After Hours is also available!  Click here to listen!

The dudes recorded their conversation on the way home from the recent Huzzah Hobbies Market Garden tournament.  Listen to their stupid "F it" lists, and their surprising results!  
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Bolt Action - AAR: WWPD For Vets Bolt Action Game

The Frozen Waste WWPD Northern Research Station had a big Bolt Actions game for WWPD for Vets.  The Soviets fielded 24 units and the Germans fielded 18.  We had seven tanks on the board as the Germans and Soviets struggled for controlled of a sleepy village in the Ukraine.

Soviet infantry advance supporting their armor

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Friday, April 26, 2013

First completed PAVN Company!

As you know, I've been bitten by the Flames of War 'nam bug!  But, so far, I'm really the only one in my neck of the woods, so I decided I needed to do both sides.  Not a problem!  However, a fairly large volume of PAVN troops are needed (they're actually not as huge of a horde as I initially thought though), and so I decided to try a new speed painting technique.
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Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games T-34/85

Just a few pictures today!  This is the T-35/85 by Warlord Games.  I picked this guy up at Cold Wars- it was one of the few vehicles I could find!  The Bolt Action stuff was positively ransacked.  This has been replaced with a newer plastic kit now, but this is the older resin and metal version.

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

German Schutzen vs British Rifles in Pincer

Sean and I decided it'd been a while since we visited the desert in Flames of War, and decided to change that!  We whipped together two army lists and rolled to see who ran what.  We also rolled for scenario- let the dice decide baby!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Starting the 29th Infantry Division

I picked up a couple of the 29th Infantry Division Assault Company box sets, knowing that I had to do the 29th sometime, right?  Well, that time is now.  We will look at the first platoon I tried and see how I did.

Editor's Note: Real men work on the same army in different scales! -S

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Bolt Action - Review: Black Tree Design German Command

Black Tree Designs has a variety of figures you can use for the headquarters sections of your German Army.  BTD has a wide variety of Officers, Generals, and radiomen to help lead your force into battle.   Like other BTD figures, these miniatures are well sculpted and affordable.

German Command Sections

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Let's talk about the Stutzpunkt

One of the lists I was really excited about when Hellfire and Back came out was the Stutzpunkt list.  I really liked the look of the nests, and want to try to make the list work.  This is going to be different- rather than me telling you all how I've made the list, I am going to hope this starts a dialog on the forum!  
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Monday, April 22, 2013

Historical Scenario: Celleno by JC Winterbach

CELLENO, ITALY, JUNE 10th, 1944: On June 10th, 1944, the 6th South African Armoured Division deployed their entire 11th South African Armoured Brigade in the advance towards Florence. This would prove the first and also last opportunity during the entire Italian campaign in which the entire 11th SA Armoured Brigade could be deployed in unison. In a daring move, Major-General W.H.E Poole deployed the 11th SA Armoured Brigade without the necessary support from the Divisional Artillery.
Brigadier J.P.A Furstenburg realised that the German 356. Infantrie-Division would withdraw northwards. The German opposition encountered, comprised of the 356. Infanterie-Division’s left flank. Furstenburg’s intention was to turn the German left flank by ordering the Special Service Battalion (Armoured) to advance on the right.

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Bolt Action - US Infantry Painting Guide

The following is courtesy of Duncan, the wiz behind our list utilities (available in the downloads section!) and various forum contributions. He's also, apparently, an amazing painter! - Judson

After seeing the number of posts from people putting up pictures of their US Bolt Action forces or asking questions as to what colour to paint what, I thought I’d share my method on how I paint US figures.

First off, I’d like to say that I am a bit OCD when it comes to the painting given this is what I spend most of my time doing outside of the paying day job, as other commitments prevent me from getting in that much gaming. As a result, I spent probably way too much time at the painting table and go overboard in the painting stakes in terms of layering/shading. So what follows is well and truly OTT but, hey, that’s what works for me!

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Cobra n stuff (Tour of Duty)

"Tour of Duty" was released on the same weekend that the WMMS was held in Wolverhampton, UK, which also happily coincided with my birthday giving me some spare cash. I had bought a PAVN force when BF did a special a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, my regular opponents have still not finished their free world forces so I decided to do a free world force of my own.
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Bolt Action - Review: Black Tree Design German Infantry Support Weapons

Advanced infantry training has been going well.  The men are now trained to use the MG-34, the 8cm schwere Granatwerfer 34, and 7.5 cm le.IG 18.  Enemies of the Fatherland will think twice before resisting our troops.  I picked up all three of these weapons from Black Tree Designs and they will be used to support my German infantry. 

German Infantry Support Weapons

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Soviet T-26s

After my last bout with Zvezda models ended in frustration, I was a bit apprehensive of painting these guys up.  Still, I forged ahead and ordered 30 of the buggers.  Fortunately, I found they were super easy to assemble!
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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Huzzah Hobbies Market Garden Tournament Photo Dump

This is a big photo dump from the recent Market Garden tournament held at Huzzah Hobbies and put on by the inimitable I-95 gamers.  I'll add descriptions where I can!  The event was top notch, but I think the pictures will speak to that- doesn't get much better than this!  Make sure to check out Scott's other photo dump on our forum for even more!
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Bolt Action - Review: Warlord IS-2, Best Tank in Bolt Action?

Having just finished up my Warlord Soviet Iosif Stalin-2, courtesy of painter Brien “Dulanis” Dulaney, for my Soviet Strelkovy army, I decided it was high time someone talked about these behemoths. I am excited with the performance of this tank from my runs with it during the Cold Wars 1k Point Tournament, and am ready to feature it as the centerpiece to my army.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

First Nam Game: US Blackhorse vs PAVN Infantry

My first game at WWPD4VETS was my first game of 'nam!  I was playing against Glenn on a table setup by Eric Lauterbach of I95 fame.  He also generously loaned me his PAVN.  Glenn was running the US Blackhorse Cavalry.  His list (from memory) was 1 big cav platoon w/ 3 Sheridans, and 4 M113s + HQ M113s, a unit of Zippos, 2 M48s, and a unit of armored mortar M113s.  All of his tanks were beautifully painted- but not a chopper in the sky!
Glenn setting up
My list was a PAVN Battalion with 2 companies (each of 1 platoon, 1 with an extra LMG), a unit of recoil-less rifles, 2 units of 3 AA guns ea, 3 of the decoy civilian teams, 120mm mortars (off board), and 130mm guns (off board).  The mission we decided to play was Contact! Contact! Contact!
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Monday, April 15, 2013

Bolt Action - AAR: Airborne All The Way

Airborne all the way! Bolt Action style… (Ron's back with another great report. Enjoy, everyone! -J)

After eight years in the USAF,  three assignments and two deployments,  my Son Zach finally is assigned close enough to mom and dad to drive home and play a Sunday war game. After attending his first HMGS con in five years, he decided to get back into war gaming. His first army bought and to be painted is a Bolt Action 82d Airborne DIV army. He finished the 30+ Airborne figs Saturday night.  I have to say he did a dang nice job painting his first figs in 9 years, and I hope you will agree.

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News From the Front Episode 56!

Episode 56: Awakening the Bear

The fellas talk about WWPD4VETS, and their usual gaming "After Action Report".  In Act II the fellows interview Uwe Eickert of Academy Games, to discuss their hit game "Conflict of Heroes".  For act III the dudes talk about the new Normandy comp, and cover a few rules they've screwed up recently- namely Warriors in assaults.

Episode 56: After Hours

The dudes take the "F-it" option and discuss their lists for the Huzzah Market Garden tournament, decided right then and there!  The fellows go on to discuss "Pro Painted", and generally shoot the breeze!

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Review: Warriors of Market Garden (GE897)

We recently got in the new Warriors of Market Garden (GE897) blister in for review.  Since I am Mr. Arnhem, I got the opportunity to take a look.  The pack contains 2 small bases for Knaust and Euling, plus a 251 half track and a large base for the Sonnenstuhl staff team.

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Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Soviet Plastic Infantry

Nothing will take you back to those days of building endless hordes Imperial Guard or Orcs like building 40 plastic Soviets from the Soviet Infantry Box Set from Warlord Games.  Checking out at $45, this is one of the best deals out there for filling the conscript ranks of your Soviet army.  

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: Sentinel Miniature's 15mm Cafe

- by Brian Fuller

Review: Sentinel Miniatures 15mm Cafe

Today I bring to you a quick review of SM's Cafe Model. First off the pictures.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reinforced Trucks

As part of this year's Arnhem game at Cold Wars, I wanted to get some real reinforced trucks for the table.  I had previously purchased some Game Models trucks and thought they would be a great candidate for a conversion.  I certainly stole this idea from one of our readers Mike Haught -- so all credit to him! someone else.

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Bolt Action - Bolt Action Radio Episode 9: Andy Chambers has Entered the BAR!

Andy Chambers Has Entered the BAR

Dano and Judson find themselves back in The BAR with a copy of The Armies of the Soviet Union book. (That poor book, alone with those two!) Many flamethrowers ensue. Afterwards, they actually manage to keep one promise, and take a couple callers - you might recognize them! Finally, they manage to destroy an otherwise perfect episode with the dulcet tones of Dan crooning the latest hits.

Warning: There are at least three words used that some might find offensive.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

J.O.E. V' and friends tame some Tigers!

Jon and I decided to throw down a quick and dirty game.  He brought some Guards Armor with J.O.E. V' from Market Garden, and I took KG Hummel from Bridge by Bridge.  Jon's list was basically 8 Shermans and 2 Fireflies, some recce, and 4 M10Cs.  My list was 6 Tiger IE, 1 King Tiger, and a unit of pioneers.  The mission was Breakthrough with me on defense.

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DZC - The Urban Hunt - 1250pts

Joe and I got a chance to play a 1250ish point game. We decided to not overload the board with buildings like we usually do and went for the suggested 7-13 for a clash. It definately changed the gameplay a bit, and I spent a lot less time shooting buildings.

This was also our first attempt at an attacker/defender scenario, with the UCM defending agains the Scourge in The Hunt (Urban Varient).

Sabres deploy behind some cars

The Desolator and some grav tanks race on the board

Some more reapers advance up the other flank

Slayers take refuge in the part

While the Slayer's smaller cousins hide behind

Slayers emerge and take out the Sabres

Seraphim makes a bombing run and knocks out a Slayer...

Only to crash behind it.

The Archangels smash the boot's dropship, severly limiting their mobility

The Kodiak takes some fire

The Corsairs try to inflict pain on the Gladii, but there's too much AA covering fire

An underground monorial connects two buildings.,..

And another....

And another...for four connected buildings!

Archangels attempt to snipe to Tormentors still in their dropship, but are shot down by Reapers

The surviving Slayer continues to pray on the UCM light armor

Satisfied with their Kodiak kill, the Scourge grav tanks continue the prowl

The building at the center of the gigantic monorail, which happens to hold a "real" objective, becomes a showdown location.

The mass pile of UCM boots overwhelm the Scourge, only to get roasted by Tormentors afterwards

The Desolator doing what it does best...mass AoE!

Out of nowhere, a random Hunter MGT breaks command from his unit and suicide bombs the two Gladii...putting a wound on each but not destroying either.

Scourge boots move up to take the discovered objective on the last turn, ending the game on a 2-1 UCM victory. (The other objective was undiscovered)

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