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Monday, March 18, 2013

WWPD Network Highlights!

Hey guys, with the nixing of weekend posts, I realized it'd been a while since we'd posted any network wide updates!  So, what's been going on?  For those of you who may not follow our other sites, hopefully some of these tidbits might entice you to go check them out!

Bolt Action.Net
Bolt Action at Cold Wars
Judson has an in depth look at the Bolt Action.. er.. action at Cold Wars!  Lots of great photos, and after action reports.

Soviets vs Germans in Maximum Attrition
Our buddy Craig Baxter posted an awesome battle report pitting some Germans against some Soviets.  The picture of the exploding KV-1 makes the report worth reading all on its own, but the rest of the pics don't disappoint!

Outpost Zero
Gunship! First Strike review
We get a hands on look at the board game by Escape Pod Games.  A fairly in depth rules discussion and analysis.  Overall we give the game a pretty high rating, and it's continued to be a go to for me!  We've been on a real boardgame kick so keep your eyes on the Outpost for more, sure to be on the way!

Dropzone Commander Battle
Epic battle!  See the UCM forces go to town with the Scourge!  The dudes have a really nice table (full of city blocks and abandoned cars) to wage war over.  Still waiting to get my first game in, but I really love the models!

Saga Tapestry
Saga Warlord Painting Competition (Ending Soon!)
There have been some great entries so far!  So what are you waiting for?  Head over to the forum and submit your entry!  I need to hurry up and get my Scott Warlord painted up!  But, not only am I ineligible, I will miss the deadline.

Normans vs Vikings- Clash of Warlords!
This was a hell of a battle!  The Normans were textbook, unfortunately, but the vikings were bloodthirsty!


Stay tuned for updates from some of our fine Network Partners!

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