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Monday, March 4, 2013

US Rifles in Vietnam!

After Finishing up my Choppers, I knew the next step was to get some boots on the ground! So here they are!  I grabbed the Vietnam company box, and went to town.  I'm looking forward to trying out Flames of War 'Nam.

These guys were fun to paint, though there wasn't a whole lot of variety in the sculpts.  Also, a ton of my M16s came broken- though after counting them I had exactly enough for all of the teams needed (so it looks like extras were packed- which is cool!).  I haven't contacted customer support yet, I figured I didn't need the dudes anyways, but I may anyways in case I need to make a small platoon or something in the future.
Not much else to say about these dudes!  Painting them was easy until the camo helmet.  I tried to come up with a short cut, but nothing looked write so I just bit the bullet and went the distance.  The end result was cool!



FIrst platoon, HQ, 2iC, Medic.
I look forward to adding more!

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