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Friday, March 15, 2013

Bolt Action - Order Dice Holders

(After some inquiries on our forum, Craig Baxter obliges the curious with a how-to guide. - Judson)

In the last AAR that I posted, you may have noticed little holders for our Bolt Action order dice.  These little trays of awesome were invented by my buddy Joe and with his permission he has allowed me to share the secrets of his genius.   These order dice holders are great game aids that look nice and help players keep track of orders.  The little trays hold the order dice and minimize accidental bumping, moving, misplacement of the order dice during game play.

Bag of Games Workshop square bases
Superglue of your choice
White Glue
Ballast, paint, static grass, flock, putty or tufts of your choosing

Glue a small square base upside down to a large square base.

Repeat this process as many times as you need.

I also glued two small bases to the long rectangular.  I will use these dice holders to hold order dice and a six sided die. I use the six sided die to mark casualties on my weapons teams that are not based separately.  You could also use these to mark pins.

Once the bases are glued together flock the bases to match your armies basing.   My troops are based for Stalingrad street fighting, so I will flock my dice holders with the rubble effect I used on my army.

For a rubbled effect cover the side of the base with white glue and flock with ballast of various sizes.  Once dry, brush watered down glue over the top of the ballast.  This will prevent the ballast from flaking off in the future.

Once dry, prime the base black.  After priming the dice holders dry brush the bases a with a variety of brown and grey paint.

Once done fill with dice and enjoy.

Total time commitment for these bases was approximately 15 minutes.  Total cost was $10.  My buddy Joe is a genius and  I cant wait to get my dice holders on the table.

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