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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Soviet BA-10Ms

 After reading Bob's review of the Zvezda BA-10M, I went ahead and ordered 10!  However, once I got them, I was not particularly happy with them.  To be fair, I've generally liked a lot of Zvezda stuff in the past (See also: Shturmoviks and Panzer IIIs) but assembling 10 BA-10Ms is an exercise I was not ready to continue.

 Obviously, the Battlefront model is considerably more expensive, but in this particular case, it wins for me hands down.  Anyhow, I painted these guys as I always do my soviets: Cam. Olive Green (Vallejo 70894) with a drybrush of Green Grey (886).  I black line with my pitt artist pen, and weather with some cheap acrylic browns.
 I think these are a great buy in mid war with the changes to wheeled mobility and recon in general.  Looking forward to seeing them on the table!

 I also completed a looted KV-1e for Team Chris at cold Wars.  May Irina serve them well!

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