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Friday, March 22, 2013

Review: Peter Pig Wrecks

If you took a tour of Europe during the 1940's you would find the wrecked skeletal remains of knocked out vehicle and tanks littering the country side.  Hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of vehicles and their crews found themselves on business end of high velocity cannons, artillery and attack aircraft.  Those not knocked out in combat often succumbed to mechanical failure or the elements. 

Peter Pig is one of my favorite miniature manufactures and they make a wide range of wrecked vehicles and tanks.  I recently picked up two of these wreck vehicles, a Panzer IV H and Sdkfz 251/ 1C, and plan on using them as terrain to litter my table top with wrecked hulks.  The wrecks are both single piece resin models and required no clean up.  Each wreck was about $9.


The wrecked Panzer IV H is pretty sweet.  Open hatches, dead crew and missing side panels.  One thing that I didn't like was barrel.  You can see how the resin connects the barrel to the hull of the tank, which is a little funky, but necessary for a resin piece. Overall though it is an awesome piece.

Next up is the Sdkf 251/1C.  Like the Panzer IV, it is full of dead crew and passengers,  the engine compartment is open, the tracks are thrown and half buried in the mud. I have no complaints about this model and think it is fantastic.

I give these wrecks 7 out of 10 junkyard donkeys and would definitely recommend them anyone looking for wreck markers for their games.  If you have other wrecked vehicles from Peter Pig or other manufactures or have built your own feel free to share on the WWPD forums.

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