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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Review: Battlefront Wrecked Panzers Objective Markers

Battlefronts Kampfgruppe Piper Box set comes with two wrecked Panzer objectives.  One is a Panzer IV J and the other a Panther.  These finely sculpted resin models will not only give your army an objective to fight for, but will also give your battlefield extra character.

Each of these objectives are single piece resin models.  The barrels are separate pieces that must be glued on.  Although the single resin piece makes sense for an objective, I do wish the turrets were separate pieces because these models would look good as a CO or hero.

As you can, see I gave these objectives some extra "flare".  The addition of smoke and flame to both models really lights them up.  The smoke and flames are made from clump foliage glued to a loose frame.  Once glued, I brushed on two layers of white glue before painting.

I gave the smoke on the Panzer IV J a twist at the end in an attempt to make it look like it was swirling in the wind.

For the Panther, I tried to make it look like it got cracked right in the turret and make the smoke billowing from the top.  Consumed in greasy flame, this Panther sits wrecked inside a ruins of house.

I have almost no legitimate complaints these models and think they would make a fantastic addition to any army or terrain collection.  I give them 9 out of 10 Flaming Panzer Donkeys.  If you own any of Battlefront's wrecked tank objectives or have scratch built your own feel free to share on the WWPD forums.

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