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Monday, March 4, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord US 60mm Mortar

When I ordered my troops for the US 29th, I ended up with an 81mm mortar instead of a 60mm from another manufacturer.  A single 81mm mortar is not very realistic to see on the board, so I set out to pick up a 60mm, and settled on the Warlord Games US Army 60mm Mortar Team (WGB-AI-22) (Editor:  The link says 81mm, but it is clearly a 60mm).

The package included three mortar men and the 60mm.  The bases I use are from The War Store.

The sculpts were very good and have quite a bit of detail.  There was, however, substantial flashing and I had to spend a ton of time shaving these models down.  I heard that Warlord Games is switching to all plastics - maybe this one will be re-done.

I like the fact that the troops included are purpose-built.  Some of the other crews I have seen are just kind of generic non-riflemen poses.  

I still have some detail to add to the models, but they are looking ok now.

I also like that these guys are pretty 'early' as far as equipment goes.  Leggings, wools, '41 jackets - this makes the models appropriate to just about any standard US force.

One quibble I have is that there is no liner chinstrap across the front of the helmets.  This basically keeps the liner and the helmet together - if absent, the helmet does not stay attached.

M1936 suspenders (left) and a GP strap with what looks to be the ubiquitous Ammunition Bag, M-1 (right).

Conclusion:  4 of 5 Rounds on Target.  I like these models.  The sculpts are good, the poses are nice.  Only a few minor quibbles.
81mm and 60mm mortars my unit owns.  BIG difference.

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