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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More UCM Reinforcements - Planes and Jeeps Oh My!

Painted up some quick reinforcements for my UCM. These are the first of my UCM figures to receive decals - at Steve's recommendation I used the Fighting Piranha decals. While they took a while to ship out, they are definitely worth it. I'm using the "hand of cards" decal as my force's logo, with various playing card symbols to differentiate the squads.
Up first we have the Seraphim Bomber. This bad boy is a "slow" fast mover and makes bombing runs on heavy targets. It's especially good at blowing buildings to smithereens. 

Fast movers function much like aircraft in FoW - just there for the attack and they disappear as quickly as they came, rather than lingering on the board for extended periods of time.

Props to Dvalin for the flight stand!
The Wolverine Scout Buggies are the scout unit for the UCM. They can come armed with both light AA guns or missile launchers. I prefer the AA guns to hang by the rear and defend my Kodiak while extending his LoS a bit, while the missile launcher armed buggies shoot forward deep into hostile territory.

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