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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Cold Wars Picture Dump

This is just a random picture dump from Cold Wars.  As usual, I am bad at taking lots of photographs, but here's the few I did snap.  More on our time spent at the convention coming up on the next episode of News From the Front!
Killin' Zombies with the Millers, Matt, and Mike.

Jon, Luke, and Ted play Spartacus


The tournament/flea market/open gaming room


Tanks tanks tanks!  

Zoomed out

Tankovy in the desert, game 3.

Bolt Action game

Spartacus!  So many spartacus games were played

So many zombicide games were played

Bolt Action tournament

More Bolt Action

Team Chris face off.  Chris Miller's Hetzer barrels into Chris Hecht's Soviet Infantry

Miles' Japanese tank

Andy's (?) Chaffee

An armored car is super pinned

Massive game- with hats!

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