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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bocage for WWD4Vets or should we say Lucage?

From the Mines of Melia

Hey Gang!   People have been asking so I got the listing up on Ebay for WWPD4Vets.

Here's some pics and what is included.  I could be talked into throwing in some free bonus pieces if the auction brings in enough.

Here's the link. Bocage Ebay WWPD4Vets

This is 15' of Bocage Hedgerows made by Luke Melia of They are made of cast resin then have four different colors of paints on the molded stone, black, white and two shades of gray for variation and depth of color. The primary pieces are between 6 and 12" long and roughly 1 1/4" wide. The bases are angled to add additional height and are painted green with a flocking which is a mixture of static grass and medium blend Woodland Scenics flock. 

 The undergrowth on top of the pieces are made from a variety of five different types of Wooldland Scenics clump foliage, conifer green, dark green, burnt grass, medium and light green. Tree sections are made with wire branches for flexibility and durability. Everything is coated with a matte medium which gives every piece extreme durability. The clump foliage becomes rigid and lessens the chance of random pieces of foliage falling off. This also allows, although not recommended, for you to actually stack the bocage in temporary storage without significant loss of height due to weight compression. 

 The gate sections can be used as a standalone piece or can be set inside the gapped sections and are modeled to fit accordingly. There are corner pieces and 45 degree angled pieces to allow a lot of variation to the design of your bocage.

This set is a total of 15'. The tanks, infantry and mat are not part of the auction, but only used as scale for reference. This is primarily used for 15mm Flames of War, however the gentlemen from own and use this terrain (and is featured in several battle reports) for low lying hedges in 28mm Bolt Action. There are also several ACW and Napoleonic players who use this terrain as well.

This set consists of:

5x12" straight pieces

6x6" "Tree" Sections

2x6" straight pieces

3x6" "T" sections

5x6" Gap Sections

4x Corner pieces (12" total length)

4x 45 degree angled pieces (12" total length)

4x gate sections

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