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Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Finished these guys up in time for the Huzzah Hobbies tournament Jon and I went to a few weeks back.  I'm not sure why these particular photos came out looking like a Barbara Walthers interview, but I sort of like the dreamy effect.  Looks a bit like they're driving through a misty bog!

With ROF 2, and Heavy Breakthrough Gun, these are perhaps the best assault gun for the points in Flames of War.  At Huzzah, we were using stats as printed (for mid war), although in game one Panzer Matt said let 'em use HBTG (Matt is ever the gentlemen!  He probably regretted that decision when they blew up some Panzergrens!)  Even without HBTG, AT 10, FP 2+, and Volley Fire is nothing to sneeze at!

In my 2nd game, they did a pretty good job assisting my T-34s dig some Ghurkas out of some ruins.  ROF 2 helps offset hen & chicks, and that extra pip on the firepower is great!

The models are awesome.  I've come to love the big refrigerators on tracks (see my ISUs), and these are no exception!  I guess I'll have to get some more now so I can run a late war Assault Gun battalion.  Addict!

Look for these guys in lots of new Battle reports!  They'll be sure to be a top choice in my Soviet forces from now on.

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