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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Reaper Soviet Female Sniper

When it comes to the Great Patriotic War there is nothing more iconic than the image of the Soviet sniper taking aim and defending his or her country from the invading German war machine.  While there are lots of options out there for Soviet snipers, by far one of the coolest looking is the Ivanetta Kozlov: Russian Sniper miniature from Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope range.

The Kozlov miniatures comes in five pieces, including a rubbled wall, sign post, textured base, figure body and the right hand holding a rifle.  It cost $7.50 from Reaper, but you can pick it up from the War Store for $6.50.  The model was clean and well detailed, requiring little to no clean up.  Assembly was simple and straight forward and the figure looks gorgeous once done. 

I am worried that the right hand with the rifle may break from the rest of the model.  The forearm is very thin and the hand with the rifle is large, long and heavy.  There is a spot to glue on the hand and attach to the arm, but it doesn't seem deep enough to hold up to the test of time and the rough handing of war gamers.  With how well endowed this figure is, your friends will want to get their cheeto hands on it, which may lead to the hand snapping off.  I would recommend doing some extra pinning and gluing to avoid this.

Reaper miniatures have an amazing amount of detail and are worth the money if you're looking a heroic figure that stands out.  This Kozlov figure definitely stands out and has a similar look to some of the anime figures from Reaper's Chronoscope range.   Expect this figure to inspire the rest of your force and be a center piece to your Soviet collection.

If you have experience with Reaper Miniatures, building a force for Bolt Action or collecting a 28mm Soviet army feel free to share on the WWPD forums.

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