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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Review: More Battlefront M24 Chaffees from the Cavalry Army Group Box (USAB04)

I got the other half of the M24 Chaffee combat platoons when Steve-O split up the Cavalry Group Box set he received, and boy are these little guys sweet!

The other reviews of these guys seen here and here cover many of the same points I will, but I think they are worth covering.

The resin and metal bits clean up very easily, with little flash and very little filing (if any) required. Those same parts also fit together very snug, with no discernible gaps or possibility for misalignment. The now-standard rare earth magnets fit nicely in the pre-drilled holes with no complaints. Overall assembly was a breeze.

The assembled figures also paint up very easily - I was able to get the platoon of 5 tanks from black primer to painted to decaled in about 6 hours. I use the same Vallejo Olive Drab (well, at least I think it's the same) as Steve, but as you can tell my tanks come out significantly darker. I also use a 50/50 mix (honestly it's whatever mix I think looks good on my mixing plate) of White & Olive Drab as my highlight.

If you're curious about those antennae, they're plastic bristles from a dustpan broom. I hunted around for a few weeks, but eventually found one with bristles that were the right thickness. The best parts are that A) they're already black, B) they're very resilient to bends, and C) I got a million of them for $8!

Bottom line: The M24 Chaffee is a super cool little tank and the Battlefront model absolutely lives up to the BF name.

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