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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Review: Battlefront Panthers from Kampfgruppe Piper

Kampfgruppe Piper spearheaded the German forces during the Battle of the Bulge (The Adrennes Offensive).  As head of the last great German offensive of the War, Joachim Piper drove his troops until they could fight no more.  The Devils Charge briefing allows you to field Piper and his Kampfgruppe.

Battlefront has started to release army boxes once again and one of the newest army boxes is a Kampfgrupper Piper themed army.  The box is filled with all sorts of goodies, including four Panther G tanks (one commanded by Peiper and a three tank platoon). 

The tanks live up to Battlefronts high standards for armored vehicles and include the plastic Panther sprue.  This sprue includes plastics for the hull MG, gun barrel, copula, and tracks.  I have to admit I much prefer these plastic bits to the older metal ones.  All the plastic bits are slotted and attached to the resin hull of the tank very well.  Not loose or fiddly parts that feel like they are going to break off.

As you can see, I have a different figure for my Piper Tank.  I lost the one that came in the box, so replaced it with a command figure from my bits box.  Other than losing the commander, I had no problems with these figures and really enjoy how they look.

The rest of the tanks turned out great and are ready to wage war against the Allies.  If you have German Panthers or experiences playing or fighting against Kampfgruppe Peiper feel free to join the conversation on the WWPD forum.

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