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Friday, February 22, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Back Tree Design Soviet Infantry

With so many support options ready to serve the Motherland, my recruiters have been busy putting bodies in boots to fill the ranks of my riflemen.  These thirty soldiers from Black Tree Designs will be the core of my Bolt Action army.  Equipped with Mosin Nagants, PPSH 41 sub-machineguns and DP light machine guns, these troops are ready to repel the fascist invaders from Mother Russia.

Black Tree offers several options for fielding infantry squads.  They have 10, 20 and 30 figure packs.  I bought the 30 figure platoon pack which included a mix of SMGs, rifles and three light machinegun teams.  Figures are selected at random for these packs, but the range is large enough that I had very few repeat figures.  I read other blogs and accounts of people getting lots of repeats, but that was not that case for me.  Figures come in standing, kneeling and prone positions, but did not come with bases.  I bought these when Black Tree had their big Christmas sell and it cost me around $30 for the pack.

One thing I absolutely loved about these figures is the level of detail and over exaggerated features.  This made the figures easy to paint and the detail really shows through.  I also like that the figures come in both winter and summer coats, as well as helmets, fur hats and field caps.  When mixing the figures together they look like rag tag veterans, but when you group like figures together they look like fresh recruits.

One observation I had about these figures that was annoying was the level of hidden flash.  I say hidden flash because after giving them a thorough cleaning I found a ton of flash I missed.  Mostly long thin pieces bent over the ends of fingers, barrels, caps and other parts of the model.  I found myself constantly doing addition cleaning while applying paint.

I would give these figures 8 out of 10 Soviet Sniper Babes.  Excellent price, excellent sculpts and a ton of fun to paint.  I can't wait to get them on the table.  If you have bought infantry from Black Tree or own Soviet Infantry from other manufactures join the decision on the WWPD forum.

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