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Monday, February 4, 2013

Bolt Action - Review: Plastic Soldier Company Soviet Infantry

By now I hope you've all seen Joe's "Work in Progress" pictures of these beauties- but now I am happy to say I am the proud owner!  Joe has dilligently painted 2/3 of the 28mm Russian Infantry in Summer Uniform by The Plastic Soldier Company.

That's right!  Pictured above is a mere 2/3 of the box.  Did I mention the box is £18.50 (about $30)?  So many dudes in this box! (oh, and ladies)

 The sculpts mostly weigh in on the "pretty awesome" side, but see that guy throwing the grenade?  He's a little funky lookin'
 There he is again.  But check out that SMG dude on the right- love it!  Mostly good sculpts here.  Joe tells me the plastic was fairly easy to work with, but I can't comment on that.
 Some Riflemen and an officer urging them on.
 They are all based on Wyrd Bases which I am a big fan of for 28mm.
 The box includes 6 junior officers/NCOs, 45 riflemen/SMGs, 6 light machine guns with loaders.
Standing next to one of my Black Tree Design Germans.  Proportions seem pretty close to me!  Consider me one very happy Comrade.  I think PSC has a great product here, and a very inexpensive way to jump right into the Red Army.

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