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Monday, February 18, 2013

News From the Front Episode 52

As promised, after the train wreck at the bar, episode 52 attempts to be "crunchy".  In the first half we discuss our recent gaming (Fow, Eclipse, Spartacus, EVE), painting, WWPD4VETS, and more!  Act II has rules discussions, glass cannons vs heavy tanks, and Soviet Tank Swarms.
0:00- Intro & AAR
1:01- Often Overlooked Rules (turn order, tank riders, allocating saves), Glass Cannons, Soviet Tank Swarms

Editor's Note: We got carried away and ran out of time for a third act!  

And don't forget about After Hours!  The dudes discuss balance in FoW- Are special rules breaking the game?  The fellows continue on to talk about their usual wide array of silliness!  

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