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Thursday, February 7, 2013

News From the Front Episode 51

Episode 51: Live From the Patriot Inn Hotel Bar!

I'm gonna be honest with you guys right off the bat.  This episode is loud, rauckous, and, frankly, a train wreck.  But hey, with 50+ episodes under our belt, we're allowed a night on the town right?  This was recorded in the Holiday Inn Patriot hotel bar at the Muster Convention in Williamsburg VA.  Get down and dirty with the fellas!  I promise episode 52 will be FoW- only and very crunchy.  Crack a beer, turn the lights low, and pretend you're at a high top bar table with us to get the most out of this episode!  -Steven

Episode 51: After Hours!  Steven and Sean discuss their post-tournament action at Muster.  This is crunchier than the NFTF Episode!  Bizarre!

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