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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Leviathans Battle Over Libya

 The French Navy Vessels Pontbriand and Pelletier are on patrol over Libya, when Her Majesty's Leviathan New Zealand and her escort HML Raven move to intercept.  Early on, some well placed shots from the New Zealand cripple the Pontbriand's engines, and kill the crew leaving the French cruiser crippled.

 The french vessel Montpellier is nearby, and quickly arrives to support the crippled French cruiser.  Meanwhile, the Pelletier deftly maneuvers around the HML New Zealand, continuously crossing the T, and leaving the bow of the New Zealand a smoking ruin.

 The New Zealand is swarmed by the two light and fast French ships Pelletier and Montpellier, but the HML Raven escorts her valiantly, firing salvo after salvo into the French.
 The New Zealand easily avoids the Pontbriands bristling 65mm guns, but cannot last long against the swarming dogs.
 But the HML Raven is never far behind.
 Despite her valiant efforts, the HML New Zealand finally succumbs after taking a withering beating.  In a salvo of flame and fury, the French vessel Montpellier also crashes to earth, her hulking frame intertwined in the ruin of the New Zealand.
 The Raven is left outnumbered, but has not a scratch on her.  Her Captain is known for his daring, but even the French give pause as he comes about, and moves to intercept the Pontbriand.
 The Raven pulls alongside the Pelletier and lets loose.
 She then maneuvers herself into the bow of the Pontbriand.
 And scores a critical hit on her Engine, sending her plummeting to the earth.  Low on ammunition, and damaged, the two remaining ships part ways.  Both sides lost several good ships.  The Captain of HML Raven receives a distinguished service medal, and later receives a knighthood.
The Raven is in relatively good shape, all things considered.

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