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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Leviathans: Action Over the English Channel

The French Leviathan Jean Bart and her escort of 1 cruiser and 2 destroyers encounters the British Leviathan and retinue and an epic battle ensues.

The French attempt to keep their distance while firing torpedoes as the slower British try to close.

The French Leviathan and Cruiser both mounted Port and Starboard Torpedoes and began firing on the British early.  None of the British ships carried torpedoes of their own.
A British Cruiser and Destroyer break away from the HML Leviathan and close quickly.
The French and British cruisers square off to deliver broadsides as the British Destroyer makes a headlong run at the Jean Bart.

The French Destroyer Pontbriand makes a daring run at the Stern of the Leviathan, only to succumb to 2 withering salvoes from the monster's Stern gun.  In the same breath, the British Cruiser falls to concentrated fire from the remaining French ships.
The 3 remaining British ships get into close range and a furball ensues.

In a massive explosion, the Jean Bart crashes to the ocean below!  Her guns also pounded a British destroyer, sending it spiraling to the sea as well.

The french cruiser Dupuy De Lome and the Destroyer Montpellier hound the Leviathan.

After the engines are reduced to almost nothing, the more nimble French ships are able to stay out of the Leviathan's broadside arcs, and eventually bring the monster down.  The remaining British Destroyer beats a hasty retreat.

Both sides are severely bloodied in the fight over the channel, each having lost a Leviathan.  The French come home with a cruiser and destroyer, but both will need extensive time in dry dock to repair the damage!

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